The bloggin' mullarkey

Posted by Frankie Shattock's Shatball Podcast Frankie Shattock on June 01, 2023

Listen up troops! Here's the deal: I've decided to venture into writing my own blog. Pay attention now!

First off, let me tell you, being a podcaster and not seeing massive success can really get to you. I've been pouring my heart and soul into talking about football and Scottish current affairs, but the audience just ain't showing up like I hoped. Now, some might see this as a setback, but not me, mate. I've got that fire in my belly, and I'm not one to back down easily. So, I've turned to writing my own blog to share my opinions and insights with a wider audience, especially those who may not be into podcasts.

Coulda been a contendah

Now, let's talk about the football song me and my bruv Nobby released last year. I won't lie, it didn't exactly set the heather on fire. It was a bit of a letdown, and it stung, I won't deny it. But here's the thing—I'm not the kind of bloke to let failure define me. No way! Instead of wallowing in despair, I see it as an opportunity to explore different avenues of creativity. (Watch this space, just sayin'!)

Frank 'n Nobby'... Failure is just another excuse to go to the pub -- Plato

So, there you have it, that's why I've taken the leap into writing my own blog. Now, go and spread the word about my new venture, will ya?